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What Makes for a Perfect Santa Visit

Each Santa visit is unique. Santa loves to come into your homes or places of business and share Christmas joy with the young and the young at heart. A visit will often consist of: singing, visiting with children and listening to their Christmas wishes, pictures with children, friends and family members, reading from Santa’s Book of Good Boys and Girls, and reading The Polar Express or ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Here are 10 simple steps that will assure a great Santa Visit:

  1. A week before your scheduled event you should receive a call from Santa to finalize any last minute questions. This would be a great time for you to review this information and ask any questions you may have.

  2. On the day of the event be prepared for Santa’s arrival (15 minutes before or after the scheduled time). Santa will call if he is going to be more than 15 minutes late. It is never an exact time; you know reindeer can be difficult sometimes. Please be sure to give Santa a reliable number that can be used to reach you at all times. He will call when he arrives.

  3. Have all cameras, video cameras, and any other recording device ready. Santa loves to take pictures with each child and their immediate family as well.

  4. Santa lives in the North Pole where it’s always cold. Homes and businesses can get warm at times especially with so many fine folks in attendance. Lowering the temperature 15 minutes before Santa’s arrival to a comfortable temperature of 70 degrees can make the world of difference for Santa. If you have a directional fan that too can be a big help. Remember no lit fireplaces for Santa melts like Frosty the Snowman! A bottle of water is helpful as well. A cup of water with a straw can be used in place of a bottle.

  5. A solid chair with no arms is always best for Santa to sit on. Rocking chairs or overstuffed chairs are not good for Santa and dealing with children. A simple kitchen chair is always perfect. Remember the chair will not been seen in the picture. Too many cookies you know.

  6. Remember good lighting and easy access to your home or business is helpful to Santa. If it is raining Santa may need to pull into your driveway for easy access. Would you believe rain stains velvet? Please put all pets away, even the most timid pet can get anxious upon Santa’s visit and might unexpectedly bite Santa. I know it’s hard to believe Fido would bite Santa!

  7. Please have someone available to meet with Santa and receive any last minute instructions. This person will get any sound equipment needed for Santa to use when singing. The CD player should be set up and begin to play the first song to indicate Santa’s arrival. Remember when you put the CD into the player and turn it on, the player it will start automatically. You will need to push the pause or stop button immediately until you’re ready to play the music. Starting the music and flickering the porch lights indicates you’re ready. If you have no lights just wave outside the door to signal Santa. Play it nice and loud and be sure to hand the remote control to Santa as he enters the room. The same helper should be used to help Santa arrive and depart quickly.

  8. Santa often relies on someone to run the show. During the Santa visits it’s great for someone who knows the children’s name to call them up one by one. This is a great way to remind Santa of each child’s name, so be sure to be loud and clear! Remember no one is too big to sit on Santa’s knee and take a picture.

  9. When Santa begins to read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, that is the cue for the Santa’s helper to gather Santa’s things. Frequently in a home gathering, a small gift is presented to each child. The host will provide a gift that is well marked with each child’s name. Santa will pass out the presents out asking each child to hold his or hers until everyone has received a gift. It is a perfect time for Santa to depart while the children are opening their gifts. You may want to have an adult handle crowd control if some are tempted to run out with Santa. If payment for Santa’s services has not been pre-paid this would be the time for Santa to receive an envelope marked Santa with the correct payment in either check (Tom Long) or cash. Please never hand the envelope to Santa in front of the Children.

  10. Finally, enjoy yourself. Savor the moments! In my many years of visits there has never been a negative experience; just precious memories that will last a life time.

Thank you for allowing me to be your Santa!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! May the Joy of the Season fill your hearts everyday!