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Singing Santa Claus Now on YouTube

The Singing Santa Claus YouTube Channel is now online! Be sure to visit Santa’s YouTube Channel often for new videos and stories!

2 comments to Santa Sings on YouTube

  • Cathy Adamov

    You make everyone feel so important and special. I wish everyday was Christmas.

  • Tori Kenney

    Hello Santa!!! You are incredible! See you in December, don’t forget!!!
    The first time you came to see our family I’m not sure whose eyes were more wide open, my 6 year old son, my 18 year old daughter, or my 70 year old father-in-law. My father in law, Tom, was raised an orphan, you can be sure that back in the depression no Santa dressed such as yourself ever came to sing to them, nor did they chit chat in his home about how good he had been that year and hand him a gift. Your attention to him surely must have touched a childhood dream that he would never have shared with any of us. Thank you!!! The photos we took that night of us around the hearth with smiles, hugs, obvious delight from your visit still on everyones faces are my favorite…You are a part of our family Santa, and I carry a photo of you with our family in my purse and share that photo when I share any family photo with friends. You have touched our hearts deeply and we wait to see you every year. When ever we see your photo in another home we just smile. Finn will walk up to photos of Santa that he sees and will look closely and say “nope, not our Santa” or HEY…WE LOVE HIM TOO!! AND then we all speak about your visits. Keep spreading the magic in all the hearts of children of every age, keep relighting the joy of the season. See you soon. Hugs, Tori